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Legend Lines Speed Talk
Posted On: 2017-04-26 09:48:50 ; Read: 380 time(s)
There can be a temptation to show off your buddies when leaving the local car show, but clips like this one of a Peugeot riding up the rear of a Morgan 4/4 shows why it’s best to suppress the desire of flaunting your vehicle’s performance on public roads. [...]
Posted On: 2017-04-26 09:10:11 ; Read: 405 time(s)
Think the new Dodge Demon is an impressive quarter-mile machine? Then you probably don’t know the history behind one of the world’s most prolific drag racers, this 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra "Dragonsnake." It’s one of just three independent V8 Cobra Dragonsnakes, and this particular example is heading to auction later in the month. [...]
Posted On: 2017-04-26 08:42:47 ; Read: 645 time(s)
An Aston Martin DB5 previously owned by a Persian Prince has hit the market with an incredible £799,995 (about $1 million) asking price. For sale at Hexagon Classics in North London, the DB5 is finished in rare Goodwood Green and was bought by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan in 1986. [...]
Posted On: 2017-04-11 18:09:55 ; Read: 393 time(s)
Land Rover is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its legendary Range Rover SUV with a new exhibition. Instead of joining the Techno Classica in Essen, the British manufacturer has decided to present “The Range Rover Story” collection at its Solihull manufacturing plant, where the model has been assembled since 1970. [...]
Posted On: 2017-04-11 17:14:44 ; Read: 593 time(s)
You work hard for your money, and you’re positively fanatical when it comes to cars. After years of 15-hour work days – or perhaps a few shrewd business deals – you’ve got a cool $1.45 million that you can’t wait to spend on an epic Hypercar, perhaps something from Ferrari or Pagani. With the new Bugatti Chiron becoming all the rage, perhaps you can even find a slightly used Veyron to fi [...]
Posted On: 2017-04-11 14:45:43 ; Read: 728 time(s)
David Brown Automotive is back, this time with a modern rework of the classic Mini. "Mini Remastered" retains the iconic styling of the Issigonis original, but with bodywork seams removed, a new aluminium grille, bullet door mirrors with puddle lights and jewel-like LED taillights inspired by the Speedback GT. [...]
Posted On: 2017-03-29 09:32:52 ; Read: 915 time(s)
The Triumph TR7 is a compact, two-door sports car, introduced in 1974 as a replacement for the TR6. A total of 112,368 hardtop models were manufactured and 28,864 roadsters. In fact, when it was launched, new TR7 received good comments from the motoring press. The car was praised for its spacious interior, while Motor Trend rated its handling in the same league as the Ferrari Dino’s and Lotus Eu [...]
Posted On: 2017-03-29 08:46:47 ; Read: 891 time(s)
When a customer came to Zero to 60 Designs president Kenny Pfitzer with a 1975 Ford Bronco, he has an unusual request. He said his favorite car of all time was the 1969 Shelby Cobra GT 500,” Pfitzer said in a statement. “I’ve never seen a modern take on ‘Eleanor’ reincarnated as a Ford Bronco, so I immediately become interested in taking on this unique challenge. [...]
Posted On: 2017-03-23 18:53:24 ; Read: 310 time(s)
While seemingly at odds with the Porsche's roots as a sports car maker, the Panamera Sport Turismo wagon seems like a great fit in the brand's lineup because of its combination of style and extra utility. The company has toyed with the concept of offering a longroof variant of an existing model before, though. For example the firm built a one-off 928 shooting brake called the 928-4 in 1984 as a 75 [...]
Posted On: 2017-03-23 18:32:39 ; Read: 401 time(s)
Before Austin-Healey closed its doors for good in 1968, one last car rolled off the Abingdon production line. After nearly 50 years, that car will head to auction as part of the Classic Car Auctions sale at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show. And it's in beautiful condition. [...]