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Legend Lines Speed Talk
Posted On: 2016-09-19 18:16:21 ; Read: 286 time(s)
The massive limousine, which was built by California custom car guru Jay Ohrberg, measures in at a stunning 100 feet long and became certified as the longest car in the world by Guinness World Records in the mid '90s. It sports 26 wheels, a jacuzzi, diving board, king-sized water bed, and even a helicopter landing pad. Because, why not? But while all that is spectacular on its own, it’s the rece [...]
Posted On: 2016-09-19 12:17:44 ; Read: 307 time(s)
After sitting dormant for 20 years, this Jaguar E-Type is ready to drive again. For the past two decades, this Jaguar has been sitting untouched. It’s a 1972 E-Type, and most would agree that a car this beautiful should never go for so long without being on the road. Thankfully, that’s all about to change when it goes up for auction at the Classic Car Auctions sale at the Warwickshire Exhibiti [...]
Posted On: 2016-09-19 08:52:57 ; Read: 449 time(s)
This isn’t some ordinary old Ford Crown Vic, or even a new Dodge Charger - it’s a 1962 Triumph TR4 Police Cruiser. It features a 2100cc inline four-cylinder engine, a four-speed manual gearbox, and it’s for sale. With the growth of the sports car in the 1960s, police in the U.K. began having trouble keeping up with criminals. The Southend on Sea County Borough Constabulary of Essex, England, [...]
Posted On: 2016-09-12 17:01:08 ; Read: 942 time(s)
AC Heritage looks to take advantage the recent record-setting sale of the 1962 Shelby Cobra CSX 2000 (pictured above) for $13.75 million. The company intends to build a limited run of nine AC Cobras in the exact 1962 specifications, Autocar reports. At 500,000 pounds ($666,633) each, you can almost look at these replicas as a relative bargain compared to the real thing. [...]
Posted On: 2016-09-12 16:33:26 ; Read: 320 time(s)
It was 1956 that Volvo launched the Amazon sedan. And it was totally unlike anything Volvo had ever built before. Where the previous PV444 had been a decidedly dumpy thing, here was an handsome, elegant design that drew influences from Italian and American cars. It was the work of 26-year old Jan Wilsgaard, who went on to become Volvo’s chief designer and stayed with the company into the 1990s. [...]
Posted On: 2016-08-22 07:16:39 ; Read: 438 time(s)
The very Jaguar D-Type that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1956 smashed the auction price record for a British car when it crossed the block at RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale last weekend, reaching a staggering $21.78 million. [...]
Posted On: 2016-08-17 06:27:05 ; Read: 452 time(s)
Take one Porsche through the most famous mountain passes of the Swiss and Italian Alps, and you’ve got quite an experience to talk about. Do the same with nine cars from different eras, add in some cinematic aerial shots and an uplifting soundtrack, and you’ve got a short film that’ll get your blood pumping. [...]
Posted On: 2016-08-16 11:17:56 ; Read: 648 time(s)
The De Tomaso Pantera is one of those cars that turns heads even when it’s in sorry shape. On occasion, you’ll see folks less familiar with automotive history get excited when they see one and incorrectly identify it as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. You can’t blame them either, the Ghia body work is very similar to what you’d find on the more famous Italian autos of the same era. [...]
Posted On: 2016-08-09 18:59:31 ; Read: 264 time(s)
It doesn’t seem real, does it? Perhaps it’s the alabaster paint, or the fact that it was owned by a young Elvis Presley. But this BMW 507 comes across as something right out of a dream. Like many young U.S. servicemen stationed in Germany during the 1950s, Elvis fell in love with the roadster. Unlike the majority of those men, though, Elvis could afford to buy the car he so lusted after, and s [...]
Posted On: 2016-08-09 06:29:48 ; Read: 318 time(s)
Some people consider replica cars something to be looked down upon. While the history of vehicle does play a huge part in making a car valuable, the appeal of building a kit car isn’t something that should be overlooked. When it comes to a car like the Daytona Coupe, your only option is to go with a replica considering there are only six of them in the world…and they’re valued at around [...]