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Legend Lines Speed Talk
Posted On: 2015-08-23 13:12:53 ; Read: 761 time(s)
How much would you pay for a used 1995 BMW 3-series? Two thousand dollars…three thousand dollars? If you’re interested in buying one previously owned by Apple founder Steve Jobs, you’re going to have to dig a bit deeper. [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-22 14:44:28 ; Read: 1557 time(s)
If there is one thing to be said about the current group of custom car builders, it’s that they are coming up with some rather unique builds. Gone are the days of the old school hotrods, and in their place, cars much more out there on the spectrum of what is considered a normal build. Luckily, these “out there” builds are absolutely amazing in every way. [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-21 13:41:27 ; Read: 848 time(s)
As an automotive enthusiast, and an avid movie-lover, it's rather hard for me to watch movies that have car chases. This isn't due to the fact that I'd like to be the one driving the cars, although it couldn’t hurt, but more due to the constant ways that directors and stunt choreographers make these car chases completely unbelievable. [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-19 14:27:11 ; Read: 308 time(s)
Each year, Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca holds its annual Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in conjunction with the famed Monterey Classic Car Week, and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The Motorsports Reunion brings classic racecars from around the world to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and throws them all back out on the track to relive their respective glory days. [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-19 14:01:59 ; Read: 296 time(s)
Out with the old, in with the new. While Chris Evans gets ready for his new starring role on BBC’s Top Gear, he’s parting ways with a few toys in the process. One of the most beautiful—at least in this writer’s opinion—is the 1964 Daimler SP250 Police Spec Roadster. Just look at those curves. [...]
Posted On: 2015-08-18 17:15:03 ; Read: 527 time(s)
Legend Lines Launches its New Website New website offers the company’s entire collection of apparel and accessories more effectively to its international clientele of car enthusiasts, passionate to keep the history of the most memorable classics and sports cars alive. [...]