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Shipping Damages or Shipping Lost :

Upon receipt customer is responsible for inspecting the item(s), along with all contents in shipment, to verify and validate items are free of damage and/or defect(s).
An RMA must be submitted within 10 days from the date of shipment if the item was lost or damaged during shipping. Take as many pictures to show the damage(s) to prove your case. Once the RMA is submitted and approved, we will issue a return label. When the radiator(s) is received and shipping damage is verified, we will submit a claim with the shipping carrier. Exchanges or refunds will be processed after an RMA is submitted and shipping damage or lost item is verified. If the shipping damage cannot be verified the radiator will be returned to the customer at his own expense. An RMA submitted after 10 days from the date of shipment for shipping damages or lost item will not be approved and the customer assumes full responsibility.

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 20 days from the original date of shipment. After 60 days we will only exchange items that are covered under warranty. For a return or exchange to be processed an RMA must be submitted specifying the reason for the return or exchange. The Radiator must be return as it was received in its original package. The Radiator must be carefully pack:. Place Radiator in the protective bag, the snap in place the cushion pads, and finally place the Radiator in its original cardboard box.
Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs to return item to us.
Exceptions are to include:
    ▪    Shipping Damage
    ▪    Manufacturer's Defect
All returns and exchanges will be processed after the item has been returned and the RMA approved and completed. Allow approximately 2-4 business days from the date the item is returned for an RMA to be processed and completed and allow up to 3 weeks from the date the RMA is completed for a credit or refund to be issued. Refunds and/or credits will be issued in the form of original payment or applied to your account.
If an exchange item is needed before the RMA has been processed then the item will need to be purchased, via credit card, and then refunded after the RMA is approved and completed.
Return packages are shipped at the customer expense, unless we have made an error then a return label will be issued at our expense.
Return label will only be initiated one time with the drop off or pickup scheduled for 3 business days from the date the return label is initiated. If the carrier is not able to pick up the item for any reason it is then the responsibility of the customer to ship the item back. If the customer cannot accommodate the carrier's pickup schedule then the customer is responsible to ship the item back.
All items returned for reasons other than leaking or did not cool, must be returned in its original packaging and condition.
Items returned without customer's information or RMA number will not be processed for a refund or exchange and will be disposed of in 20 days.
The customer will also be responsible for price adjustments, if any.

5 Years Warranty:
The radiator 5 years warranty coverage includes any and all manufacture defects under normal use and service, but does NOT cover wear and tear. 5 years warranty only applies to the original purchaser as long as they own the vehicle and any warranty claim will require proof of purchase. We will replace parts free of charge (Shipping not included) for any reason NOT CAUSED by collision or installation, modifications, use of the products outside of its normal, customary, and intended operating conditions or physical damage. This radiator warranty applies only to those products which have been installed in accordance with accepted industry standards by a recognized professional service dealer. For example, a radiator requires proper coolant and distilled water mixture to be poured in it, failure to provide proof will void the warranty.  
This warranty covers radiator supplied by us, but it does not include labor and materials of any kind. Warranty is only extended to be enforceable only to the first purchaser at retail. Any subsequent repair or replacement claims must receive advance approval from us prior to commencement of work. The purchaser is agreeing to provide us with the necessary and requested documentation to prove they are in compliance with the warranty once a warranty claim is initiated.
Warranty will be voided under the following nonexclusive conditions:
    1.    The vehicle is used for commercial or fleet, governmental, off-road or racing applications.
    2.    If the Product fails due to corrosion, external or internal. This includes the effects of salt-air corrosion and electrolysis from internal cooling system fluids.
    3.    If in our judgment, the radiator has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or operating conditions in excess of those for which such equipment was designed.
    4.    A faulty vehicle engine temperature warning system.
    5.    Improper installation causing damage to connection hoses and threads.
    6.    If the vehicle in which the radiator has been initially installed is sold, leased or otherwise transferred. We neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any obligation or liability other than as herein expressly stated. This warranty is not transferable.
This warranty does not cover the following items:
    1.    Any product which has been repaired or altered without prior consent.
    2.    Any incidental or consequential charges including those incurred by overnight lodging, towing, shipping, loss of time, meals, rentals or replacement vehicle.
    3.    The effects of physical or chemical properties of the water or steam or other liquids or gases used in the radiator.
    4.    Claims for engine damage caused by overheating. Warning lights and/or gauges are provided in all vehicles providing warning long before engine damage occurs.
    5.    This warranty limits the remedy of repair or replacement of any defective radiators at our discretion. Purchasers remedy does not include any unauthorized labor, material, or transportation charges. (All defective radiators must be returned to the original point of purchase.) THIS CONSTITUTES THE SOLE WARRANTY MADE BY US EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE FACE HEREOF, HEREIN, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.
Misuse of Product: Any tampering, misuse or negligence in handling or use of Product renders the warranty void. Further, the warranty is void if, at any time, customer attempts to make any internal changes to any of the components of the Product; if at any time the power supplied to any part of the Product exceeds the rated tolerance; if any external device attached by customer creates conditions exceeding the tolerance of the Product; or if any time the serial number plate is removed or defaced. OPERATION OF THE PRODUCT THAT RENDERS THIS WARRANTY VOID WILL BE DEFINED TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES DESCRIBED IN THIS PARAGRAPH, TOGETHER WITH ANY PRACTICE WHICH RESULTS IN CONDITIONS EXCEEDING THE DESIGN TOLERANCE OF THE PRODUCT.