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Legend Lines, A Unique Collection of Apparel and Accessories of the World's Most Legendary Vehicles.



Welcome to Legend Lines

For many people, cars are just another mode of transportation. But for people like us, cars mean so much more. They are objects of beauty and desire. Cars have a soul. Sometimes they have a mind of their own.

What is it about these Sculptures on Wheels, these Marvels of Engineering that catch our attention? Is it the purity of the lines, the deep roar of multiple cylinders or the distinct smell of leather that trigger our passions?

Legend LinesWhatever the reason, the temptation is too much to resist. Whether they are British, American, French, German, Japanese, Swedish or Italian beauties, they captivate our senses for a passionate love affair. Cars - we just love them, and we cannot live without them.

Happy motoring and shopping to all