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1955 & 1956 Oldsmobile A/C Manifold Assembly group # 9.263 - GM part # 566719 & 567720 Air Conditioning

Product Code: 566720

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ABS Plastic 1955 Oldsmobile A/C Manifold Assembly group # 9.263 - GM part # 566719 & 566720 Air Conditioning

The 1955 / 1956 Oldsmobile factory air under dash Manifold / diffuser - group # 9.263 - GM part # 566719 (1956) & 566720 (1955) unfortunately did not withstand time. The old plastic ducts are either disintegrating, crumbling, melting, breaking or have simply disappeared. This part was made for 2 years only, thus is extremely rare and impossible to find!

Our 3D printing reproduction part is identical in design and dimensions as the original one. It is made of two strong BASF engineering grade ABS plastic parts that have been bonded together with epoxy. It won’t melt or distort under extreme summer heat that can occur in a car’s interior (it has a melting point of 446° F (230° C). Same as the original, the manifold is bolted directly on the air conditioning controller with two screws (hardware included). To add extra rigidity, we incorporated ribbing on the top and bottom surfaces of the part.

• The design and dimensions of the reproduction part are identical as the original:
17 1/8" (L) X 3 7/8" (W) x 3 5/8" (H).
• The duct inlet of the manifold (left side) is 3 1/2 inches in diameter and the duct outlet (right side) is 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
• The central duct aligns perfectly with the controller’s metal channel and minimize the loss of cold air and therefore provides a better central ventilation.
• A series of ventilation holes are located at the bottom of the manifold for foot-well ventilation as it was originally designed.
• Fits all 1955 and 1956 Oldsmobile models: 88 - Super 88 - Ninety Eight (98), equipped with factory A/C.
• Two 10-24 Brass threaded inserts are embedded into the manifold - two 10/20 - 3/8” stainless steel Philips screws” are included.
• Free UPS ground shipping.

*** The manifold is produced on demand, with a lead time of up two weeks to be manufactured. NO returns are accepted - NO refunds ***

Disclaimer: This is a 3D printed ABS parts, not an injected plastic part, therefore, layers of plastic thread are visible. The manifold is made of two separate parts, bonded together with epoxy. We have "hidden" the start/finish (Z line) point at the bottom back side of the part. The "Z line” is where the nozzle moves to when starting a new layer, and where it finishes each layer. Due to the limitations of the technology, there's no way to truly eliminate these points. It is not a defect, nor a “bad” print, just a bug in technology.
The part could be sanded and painted. ABS could be very easily sanded, just be careful to not overdo it.

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