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California 2015 Barcode Back to the Future Delorean Novelty License Plate


California 2015 Code Bar Delorean Novelty License Plate

One detail that caught the audience’s eyes was the orange California 2015 Futuristic License Plate on Doc's Delorean Time Machine. The DeLorean's barcode license plate was on the car for all three films, and over a span of 130 years in movie time. As with the 2015 justice system involving data-courts that works way too swiftly and too harshly, Hill Valley of the future seems to be part of a very repressive society. The existence of barcode license plates implies that there are scanners everywhere, perhaps not very obvious, to track all vehicles at all times. It is assumed that barcode license plates could reveal much more information once scanned than a standard license plate which only previously displayed a six or seven alphanumeric digit combination. It is possible that they could be scanned in the same manner as regular barcodes for use in laser checkout systems. The DeLorean time machine's barcode plate had the number sequence of 136113966.

Perfect for all car enthusiasts that want to add style or enhancing the appearance of their car with this novelty license plate. Choose between 16 different colors to customize your vehicle to the fullest. This California 2015 Barcode Back to the Future Delorean License Plate can also be use to decorate the walls in your garage, office, workshop, man cave, or any other room and space.

Available in: Baby Blue - Black - British Green - Cattail Brown - Dark Red - Good Orange - Gray - Hot Pink - Italian Red - LeMans Blue - Light Green - Military Green - Racing Blue - Steel Blue - White - Yellow

Made of .032 Aluminum
6" x 12" (153 x 306 mm) standard automotive license plate size
4 holes for easy mounting
UV protected for outdoor use and durability
Made in USA