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Cobra Jet Snake Emblem 1968 - 1969 Round Fridge Magnet


Vintage Cobra Jet Snake Emblem 1968 - 1969 Novelty Round Fridge Magnet

The storied Ford Mustang Cobra Jet dates back to 1968—to a time when the muscle car era was in full swing and production-car drag racing was all the rage. Horsepower was king and enthusiasts wanted the most powerful engine in the lightest cars. Manufacturers fed the beast with special packages designed to out-match the competition. They recognized early on that weekend wins at the strip translated to weekday sales in the showroom. With the Muscle Car horsepower race escalating for the 1968 season, Ford Motor Company introduced its all-new 428-cubic inch Cobra Jet engine. With 335 hp, the potent 428 CJ offered a huge leap in power over the smaller 390-cube V8, which was the top Mustang engine for 1967. Bob Tasca of Tasca Ford in Rhode Island is credited with creating the engine recipe by mixing high-flowing 427 cylinder heads with the stout bottom-end of a FE 428 to create “Cobra Jet”. Ford immediately saw the performance potential and built 50 lightweight 428 CJ Mustangs for drag racing to showcase its new powerhouse. Prior to the ’68 NHRA Winternationals, Ford delivered six of these special Mustangs to Holman Moody and Bill Stroppe in California for preparation that included a wide-ratio four-speed transmission, a 4.89:1 rear gear, roll bar, and Goodyear Blue Streak slicks. The Pomona-bound Mustangs also got improved induction, headers and the battery moved to the trunk for better traction. “It was late 1967 and I was happily racing my 427 SOHC, fuel injected, altered wheel base, funny car when I got a call from the then-new drag race coordinator Chuck Folger,” said Ford racer Al Joniec. “Since I was a member of the Ford factory team, he asked if I would run a new car that Ford was going to introduce at the 1968 NHRA Winternationals. I was curious and said it sounds good, but could you tell me more? He said it’s going to be a real Mustang, one anyone can drive on the street, but it will go like hell. He said Ford is going to put together a combination of hybrid performance parts of the 428 engine and it’s going to be called a Cobra Jet. I told him that was a great name and sign me up, and that’s how I became one of the drivers of the 6-car Ford team.”

Perfect for all car enthusiasts that want to show their passion for their Ford Mustang. This Cobra Jet Snake Emblem 1968 - 1969 Novelty Round Fridge Magnet looks great on a wall at home, garage, office, workshop, Man cave, private roadways, or anywhere you feel you deserve a special decoration spot. Choose between 14 different colors that contrast beautifully with the vintage Cobra Jet Snake Emblem 1968 - 1969. This 2.25” (57 mm) round magnet will look so cool on your fridge, tool box, metal shelving, or anywhere you want, as long as it’s ferromagnetic. It is quality made of .045” Aluminum that will not fade or break and a1/2 inch square magnet in the back. For any car guy, this is the ideal gift to add style and show their passion, even in the middle of the kitchen.

Available in: Red - Purple - Light Green - Orange - Yellow - Pink - Bright Blue - Light Blue - Black Velvet - Dark Orange - Dark Green - Dark Blue - Gray - White

- Made of 0.045” (1.14 mm) Aluminum
- 2.25” (57.2 mm) diameter
- Durable aluminum material
- Water-resistant & easy to clean
- 1” backer magnet for adhesion
The image is permanently infused into the aluminum that will not crack, fade, chip, or peel (we do not use stickers or decals).
Made in the USA

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