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Five Point Oh - 5.0 V8 Engine Emblem Round Fridge Magnet


Vintage Five Point Oh - 5.0 V8 Engine Emblem Novelty Round Fridge Magnet

Ford Motor Company has led the industry in V-8 engine development since it introduced the flathead back in 1932. While most performance cars died in the early 1970s, it was revitalized almost 10 years later, when Ford, Chrylser, and GM got back into the performance game. At this time the 5.0 made its triumphant return. Ford went to war with the venerable 5.0. needless to say, the new-era horsepower race was on! The 302-cube V-8, which Ford now called the 5.0 (five point oh), used two-barrel carburetion, the V-8 packed a 140hp punch. This engine was basically a carryover from 1978. The new 5.0 V-8 was architecturally the same as earlier 302 small-block Ford engines, utilizing a 4-inch bore, a 3-inch stroke, 10 head bolts to retain the cylinder heads, and the common 8.2-inch deck height. The V-8 option in 1979 cost $514, and quarter-mile times for the 1979 V-8 Mustang was in the mid-16s at 84 mph. But as quick as it came, the 5.0 was gone. Only the most hardcore Mustang fans know that the 5.0 was not available in the 1980 and 1981 model years. Ford’s only V-8 option was the smaller 4.2L (255ci) mill. but the Mustang needed more power. With performance on the rise, Ford reintroduced the Mustang GT along with an all-new 302—er, 5.0—engine. The new 5.0 H.O. now sported 157 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque with just 8.3:1 compression. The 1982 GT had a nice look and Ford fans saw evolution. The 1983 GT took on a new look with a pointier nose designed to reduce drag, but the big news for enthusiasts was the four-barrel carburetor. While the long-block carried over from 1982, Ford added a 600-cfm Holley/Motorcraft carburetor and set it atop a dual-plane aluminum manifold. This gave the Mustang a much-needed punch, increasing output to 175 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque. In 1984 Ford introduced CFI (central fuel injection), a throttle-body injection system used on automatic-equipped Mustangs sold in 1984-1985. Computer controlled EFI was in its infancy, and this model only made 165 hp. In fact, it gave Mustang enthusiasts a bad taste when it came to EFI. They feared it would be impossible to make performance modifications. The 1984 CFI models are the very first Mustangs to come with an electronic engine management system. Many agree that the 1985 Mustang took on a muscular yet clean look with the updated front fascia. Ford used classic hot rodding tricks for improvements, which included a new hydraulic roller camshaft, tubular shorty headers, and revised cylinder heads (E5AE) with 1.78- and 1.46-inch intake and exhaust valves. This gave the 5.0 a gain of 35 hp (to 210 hp) and 25 lb-ft of torque (270). The block was also updated with raised bosses in the lifter galley used to secure the lifter-retention “spider” devise. The use of the roller cam allowed more aggressive cam timing, which improved efficiency and power. From the driver’s seat, owners began grinning, as the V-8–equipped Mustangs would blaze the tires and run respectable quarter-mile times. The last carbureted Mustang sported a Motorcraft/Holley 600-cfm four-barrel fitted to the same dual-plane aluminum intake used in 1983-1984. The system also used a dual-snorkel air cleaner, fed by twin fender-mounted tubes. Yes, even stock Mustangs had cold-air induction.

Perfect for all car enthusiasts that want to show their passion for their Ford Mustang. This Five Point Oh - 5.0 V8 Engine Emblem Novelty Round Fridge Magnet looks great on a wall at home, garage, office, workshop, Man cave, private roadways, or anywhere you feel you deserve a special decoration spot. Choose between 14 different colors that contrast beautifully with the vintage Five Point Oh - 5.0 V8 Engine Emblem. This 2.25” (57 mm) round magnet will look so cool on your fridge, tool box, metal shelving, or anywhere you want, as long as it’s ferromagnetic. It is quality made of .045” Aluminum that will not fade or break and a1/2 inch square magnet in the back. For any car guy, this is the ideal gift to add style and show their passion, even in the middle of the kitchen.

Available in: Red - Purple - Light Green - Orange - Yellow - Pink - Bright Blue - Light Blue - Black Velvet - Dark Orange - Dark Green - Dark Blue - Gray - White

- Made of 0.045” (1.14 mm) Aluminum
- 2.25” (57.2 mm) diameter
- Durable aluminum material
- Water-resistant & easy to clean
- 1” backer magnet for adhesion
The image is permanently infused into the aluminum that will not crack, fade, chip, or peel (we do not use stickers or decals).
Made in the USA

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