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Interstate 1 - Shield Shape - Aluminum Sign

Product Code: INTERSTATE_1

Interstate 1 Shield - Novelty Sign

Interstate 1 is an Interstate Highway running parallel along very closely to the Pacific Coast of the United States from Dana Point, California to Grant Pass, Oregon. It is one of the two coastal major Interstate Highways. The interstate is only in the states of California and Oregon. In California, the entire highway is known as the Pacific Coast Freeway. From Santa Monica to Dana Point, it is known as the Dana Point Freeway. It is one of the state's most famous freeways and provides great scenic view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. The interstate to go through coastal cities in California including Long Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Morro Bay, Ooscondio, Nacimiento, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Golden Gate City, and Crescent City. In Oregon, it is in the southwestern corner of the state. After sharp turning inland, leaving the California Pacific coast near Crescent City, it heads northeast as it parallels U.S. Route 199 to the California–Oregon border between Idlewood, California and O'Brien, Oregon.

The sign is shaped as a shield and reveal the beautiful Sign of Interstate 1. The sign is quality made of .025" Aluminum that will not rust, crack or break and are UV protected for outdoor use and durability. It has rounded corner and one 1/4 inch pre-drilled holes on top for easy display. Its vibrant colors and its unique shape make this sign a great piece of decoration to hang on the walls of your garage, office, workshop, man cave, driveway, or any other spot and space. This is the ideal gift for anyone who lovess the Pacific cost highway or Interstate 1.

Size: 11.5" X 11.3" (292 X 287 mm) Shield Shape
.025" Aluminum
Rounded corners
One 1/4 inch pre-drilled holes on top
UV protected for outdoor use and durability