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No Bullshit - BS Round Fridge Magnet

Product Code: NO_BS_ROUND_MAG

No Bullshit Round Fridge Magnet

NO BS, is that clear? The expression is supposedly from WW1. It started in France when the Australian troops were transferred from Galipolli to France in 1916. There they became resentful of the strict dress code enforcing by the British MPs. These rules became called “cock and bull spit and polish.” This became abbreviated to “cock and bull shit”and then finally to the familiar “bullshit.” The term was later picked up by the Americans in 1917 and began to be used in Texas. The other story I found is more “technical”: In Farming, you can use manure as fertilizer. Two types of natural manure are the manure of cows and the manure of steers. The eating habits of these are very particular, cows eat grass, and steers eat grass and weeds (higher salt content). This leads to the obvious conclusion of cow manure is an excellent fertilizer while steer manure contains weed seeds and high salt content (not so good fertilizer). In the old days when selling manure, shady shite sellers would mix cow and bull manure. Hence the old saying, “I thought I was buying good fertilizer but what I got was a load of bull shite.” Conclusion: one of the story is real BULLSHIT!

Perfect for decorating your fridge, toolbox, desk or any where you'll like, this fridge magnet will stick on metal, anywhere you feel you deserve a special decoration spot. The colors contrast beautifully, this is the ideal gift to add style, even in the middle of the kitchen.

Available in: one color only

Made of 0.045” (1.14 mm) Aluminum
2.25” (57.2 mm) diameter
Durable aluminum material
Water-resistant & easy to clean
1” backer magnet for adhesion
Made in USA