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Porsche 911 Targa German Polizei (police) 1971 Reserved Parking Fridge Magnet

Product Code: PORS_911_70_TRG_POLIZEI_PK_MAG_SM

Porsche 911 Targa German Polizei (police) 1971 Aluminum Parking Fridge Magnet

Chances are high that some of us have been pulled over IN a Porsche before, though chances are much lower that any of us have been pulled over BY a Porsche. Porsche has been producing highway patrol vehicles for several governments and municipalities since the early days of the company history. From the 1950s, Porsche produced Polizei autos based on 356A Cabriolet models, and continued to do so through the end of 356 production with 10 final cop cars built in 1966. The first Porsche-badged cars were made in Austria. As with the 356 that came before, the Dutch, Belgian, German and Austrian police all had 911s on their highway patrol fleets.
It wasn’t until 1968 that Porsche began producing police vehicles again in 911 guise. A 911 may not be the most practical car for patrols or transporting bad guys to jail, but for chasing down speeders, it's pretty much unbeatable. Just the look of it on a highway would convince motorists that they would be no match against it, easing them off the accelerator.
Equipped for patrolling the autobahn with green paint of the Polizei and dotted with sirens, lights and a loudspeaker on the engine grille.

Perfect for all car enthusiasts that want to show their passion for their Porsche 911 Targa German Polizei (police) 1971. Make room on the fridge and make it clear: Your Porsche 911 Targa German Polizei (police) 1971 deserves a reserved parking spot in the middle of the other magnets. The magnet is 2” x 3” (77 x 51 mm) and is quality made of .045” Aluminum that will not fade or break. It has rounded corner and a 1/2 inch square magnet in the back. Stick it to anything you'll like, on your fridge, workbench, toolbox, or man cave board. The colors are brights, vibrants and contrast beautifully. For any car guy, this is the ideal gift to add style and show their pride, even in the middle of the kitchen.

Available in: One color style only
- Made of 0.045” (1.14 mm) Durable Aluminum Material
- Size 3" x 2" (76.2 mm x 50.8 mm)
- Water-resistant & easy to clean
- 1” backer magnet for adhesion
This product is made in the USA

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