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Zombie Outbreak Responsive Unit Warning Round Aluminum Sign


Zombie Outbreak Responsive Unit Warning Round Aluminum Sign

A zombie is an undead corporeal revenant and not really happy be back. The term comes from Haitian folklore, but we all know by now that the reanimation of the dead do not involve magic but rather science methods such as carriers, viruses, radiation, mental diseases, vectors, pathogens, parasites, scientific accidents, etc. The "zombie apocalypse”, in which the civilized world is brought low by a global zombie infestation, has become, we just don’t know it yet. Let’s start by identifying some behavioral characteristics of Zombies: The Zombie Stagger - Normal people can walk around with good coordination between their body brain. Zombies stagger around and seem clumsy. They bump into things, and often hold their arms out for balance. The Zombie Appetite - Typically after we eat we get full. We have a varied diet, but do not eat humans. Zombies are always hungry, even after a huge meal. And they like eating humans which is problem. The Zombie Rage - Regular people get angry, and there are some situations where they may even feel rage. However people typically feel anger and then return to their normal emotional state. Zombies are aggressive at all times. They are extremely violent and tend to attack humans in an enraged state. They are dangerous and cannot be reasoned with. The Zombie Stupidity - Humans are able to problem solve, communicate with each other through language, and can make complex decisions. This ability makes them unique and has contributed to their success as a species. Zombies are known for their stupidity. They often can’t figure out how to open doors and rarely, if ever, plan ahead. They are terrible problem solvers, and seem to lack any ability to communicate except through indistinguishable grunts. How to Kill a Zombie - The zombie-killing experts are around to save your ass. Follow the instructions below, and you'll be (somewhat) prepared when you wake up one morning to find your neighborhood overrun with brain-hungry swarms of the rotting undead. Decapitation - It’s an old method but a good one. To kill zombies, you need to destroy their brains. The most surefire route is simply lopping off the cranium with a chainsaw, machete, or samurai sword. Mind the follow-through, however – anything less than 100 percent decapitation will just make them angry. You should also be careful to avoid being splattered with toxic gore. You can also try bludgeoning. Any blunt object – from a baseball bat to a brick – will destroy the brain if wielded at the cranium with enough force. But be quick on your feet and keep your eye on the target: when you're this close to a zombie, miss even once and you might as well just hand your brains to the creature on a silver platter. Don't have the convenience of a sniper rifle to take out zombies from afar? The next best thing is fire. A flamethrower is the weapon of choice, but a homemade Molotov cocktail will also do the job. Make sure the zombies are far enough away that they'll be reduced to ashes before they can lay a decomposing hand on you. When you really want to make a statement, an explosion is a great technique, but it’s one that requires heavy weaponry. In the chaos that unfolds as civilization is destroyed, make your way to a military storehouse or a morally dubious pawn shop and acquire a rocket launcher, or at least a handful of grenades. Hopefully you won’t be battling zombies who are intelligent enough to throw them back at you. Choose your favorite method – or learn them all! – and put in the hours it takes to perfect your technique. With so many options to choose from, you can mix up your technique and ensure that slaughtering masses of the undead never gets boring. The government may not be doing its part, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a helpless victim. Remember, it’s never too early to prepare for the zombie apocalypse!

This Novelty Round Sign looks great on a wall at home, garage, office, workshop, Man cave, private roadways or anywhere you feel you deserve a special decoration spot. The colors contrast beautifully on this beautiful emblem. For any guy, this is the ideal gift to add style.

Available in: one color only

Made of .042 Aluminum
11 3/4" (30 cm) diameter
1 hole for easy mounting
UV protected for outdoor use and durability
Made in USA