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1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

F“Oldsmobile”With over 187,800 sales for the model year, the Super 88 accounted for over 50-percent of 1954 Oldsmobile sales. The Super 88 shares its wheelbase and footprint with the Eighty-Eight series and had the same engine specification as the Ninety-Eight Series. The entire Oldsmobile line was completely restyled, becoming lower and wider, and losing a little in height, but growing in length which translated to more interior and storage room. The new wraparound windows in the front and rear were also used on the upscale Buick and Cadillac models for 1954. The Oldsmobile styling had European design influences with its gentle use of chrome, a grille that tapered at the edges into the bumpers, and a simple and elegant interior. The overall design scheme was modern, balanced, and attractive, and complimented the vehicle's performance, engineering, and craftsmanship. Body styles on the Super Eighty-Eight included a Holiday Hardtop, convertible, and 2- and 4-door sedan. Once again, the sedan proved the most popular with 111,326 examples sold. The Holiday Hardtop found 42,155 willing buyers and 27,882 examples of the 2-door sedan found homes.

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