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Bill Thomas Cheetah Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Cheetah” The Bill Thomas Cheetah was a sports car car built from 1963-1966 by Chevrolet performance tuner Bill Thomas as a competitor to Carroll Shelby's Cobra. The prototype was designed jointly by Thomas and Don Edmunds. The racing history of the Cheetah is noteworthy in that despite the fact that the car suffered from the typical problems that plague any new project. Because the car was originally designed as a proof-of-concept, the chassis lacked the rigidity necessary for road. Under changing loads such as those experienced on a twisting road course, the vehicle's suspension geometry continually changed and proved difficult to handle, even for experienced drivers. On the dragstrip, the car reportedly posted faster numbers than the 427 Cobra. A fire in the factory destroyed the original plywood body buck and some spare parts inventory, and contributed - at least in part - to the eventual demise of the car. Faced with the combined effect of negative factors, the decision was made to close the chapter on the Cheetah, Legendary felin and now Sports Cars.

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