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Meyers Manx Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Meyer Bruce Meyers grew up in Southern California during the early days of surfing, drag racing, and hanging out at the beach. Loving the lore of the sea. It was at Pismo Beach, CA that Bruce first became acquainted with 'dune buggies'. These 'water pumpers' were crude and heavy so Bruce took it upon himself to design a lightweight version that would be fun on the beach or in the wilds of Baja. Bruce used his expertise in boat building to design the first fiberglass-bodied dune buggy, the Meyers Manx. It took the country by storm when magazines like Hot Rod and Car & Driver featured the fiberglass car on their covers. The performance of the Meyers Manx was amazing, especially off-road! It handled better than any other off-road vehicle and was much more fun to drive due to its supple suspension and light weight. A pair of Meyers Manx's won 39 out of 41 slalom races and won its class in the Pike's Peak Hill Climb beating Corvettes, Cobras, and most open wheel sprint cars, creating a Legend!

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