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Lotus Collection of Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Lotus” The company was formed as Lotus Engineering Ltd. by engineers Colin Chapman and Colin Darein 1952. The four letters featured in the middle of the logo, stand for their initials. The first Formula One victory for Team Lotus came when Innes Ireland won the 1961 US Grand Prix. A year earlier, Stirling Moss had recorded the first victory for a Lotus car at Monaco in a Lotus entered by the independent Rob Walker Racing Team. Lotus was an essential actor in “The Garagistes” Legend. The road car business was doing well also. Swinging on Beat’s music of the 1960s, Lotus has offered us some of the cutest, sexiest and creative designs. Lotus’ Cars are always named starting with an E: Elan, Europa, Eleven, Elite, Eclat or Esprit to name few that made the Legend!

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