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AMC Collection of Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“AMC” American Motors Corporation (AMC) was an American automobile company formed by the merging of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954. The two firms were battling the much larger "Big Three" automakers, and the merger seems to be the best surviving solution. Within a year the company reorganized and was focused on AMC's future on a new small car line. By the end of 1957 the original Nash and Hudson brands were completely phased out. The company struggled at first, but Rambler sales took off, and by 1960, was the third most popular brand of automobile in the U.S., behind Ford and Chevrolet. AMC models historically regarded by hobbyists as particularly "collectible" include the Javelin, AMX, 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler, 1970 Rebel Machine, and 1971 Hornet SC/360. These models enjoyed limited popularity when new, resulting in low production figures. The AMC Gremlin is described to have "a cult-like following in today's collectible car market. The Gremlin shares components with some other AMC models its repair and restoration can be relatively inexpensive. Once voted as the ugliest car, the AMC Pacer is becoming collectors' items and a role in the U.S. automotive history.

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