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Ford Europe Collection of Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Ford In order to appeal to the different markets around the world, automakers rarely offer the same models all of the countries in which their products are sold. Many European companies produce a range of small, frugal cars that would not appeal to most American buyers. Similarly, most U.S. automakers still provide some large, heavy and not fuel-efficient models that are excluded from the vastly different European market. This variation in carmakers' lineups from country to country is not created only through the exclusion of certain models from foreign sale, though. Many large car companies are able to extend this practice by developing whole new cars specifically for foreign markets. This practice sounds expensive and potentially risky, but it has proven to be a great strategy for increasing sales when a manufacturer's domestic model lineup is at odds with the tastes of foreign buyers. At first, Ford in Germany and Britain built different models from one another until the late 1960s, with the Ford Escort and then the Ford Capri being common to both companies. Later on, the Ford Taurus and the Cortina became identical, produced in left hand drive and right hand drive respectively. Rationalisation of model ranges meant that production of many models in the UK switched to elsewhere in Europe, including Belgium and Spain as well as Germany.

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