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1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Oldsmobile”For 1964, the Oldsmobile F-85 was redesigned and now rested on a frame that measured 203-inches, 11-inches larger than the 1963 model. This moved it from being a compact into an intermediate. The 1963 aluminum block V8 engine was replaced with a V6 or cast-iron Rocket V8 engine. Another big change for this model year was the introduction of the 4-4-2 option package. It was a $136 option, code RPO code B09, which represented (4) four-barrel, (4) four-speed, and (2) dual exhaust. Equipment on the 4-4-2 included a heavy-duty suspension, dual-snorkel air cleaner, oversized redline tires, and 442 badges. The F-85 came in either Standard or Deluxe trim. Bodystyles included club coupe, station wagon or sedan. The Deluxe models were Sports Coupes, Sedan, or Station Wagon. The Cutlass trim level was coupes, holiday hardtops, or convertibles. The interiors were vinyl or cloth. Standard equipment included a heater/defroster, self-adjusting brakes, dual sun visors, oil filter, and front stabilizer. Deluxe and Cutlass equipment included a Deluxe steering wheel, padded dash, and carpets. The V8 engine displaced 330 CID and delivered 210 horsepower.

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