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1967 Dodge Charger Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“A100” The Dodge Charger was introduced during the 1966 model year. It was based on the Dodge Coronet platform, but with a fastback roofline. The headlights were retractable which resulted in a sportier appearance for the vehicle. The interior had four bucket seats with the rear seats able to be folded down that provided ample space for cargo. Under the hood was a 318 cubic-inch eight-cylinder engine, or optional was the 361 and 426 cubic-inch Hemi, available in various configurations. The 426 Hemi produced 425 horsepower and would set the buyer back $1000, a considerable cost considering the base price was $3122. Only 468 of the Hemi option were purchased. In 1966, buyers took home 37,344 Dodge Chargers, but sales fell off to 15,788 units for 1967 as buyers turned to smaller cars like the Mustang and the newly introduced Chevrolet Camaro. In 1967 Dodge added the 440 cubic-inch Magnum to the Charger model line. With 375 horsepower, it was a cheaper option than the Hemi and easy to tune.

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