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1968 Oldsmobile Toronado Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Oldsmobile”The looks of the Toronado have changed significantly for the first time this year. It still doesn't look like anything but a Toro­nado. Most of the stylists' efforts have been concentrated on the front end. They've cooked up a bump­er-grille combination and discontinued those incredible fold-up headlights. Oldsmobile, never one to be outdone in the trick stuff department, has demonstrated clear cut engineering superi­ority over the rest of the industry with its latest headlight concealment apparatus. Oldsmobile has found a way to make the entire grille vanish at the touch of a button. And do you know what's behind the grille—other than the obvious four headlights? Would you believe another grille? No wonder Toronados cost a bundle. Styling changes are not the only ones that have been made in the character of the Toronado. Instead of being a giant, 5-passenger sports car, the marketing phi­losophy has obviously been shifted a little to right of center so that now the car aligns itself more closely with its Thunder­bird and Riviera competitors.

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