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1969 Ford Torino Convertible Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Ford”The 1969 Torino saw some cosmetic changes, and there were quite a few performance oriented changes, but overall the 1969 models were similar in appearance to the 1968 models. The grille was revised slightly, and now had a more prominent centre dividing bar, while the taillights were restyled on non-fastback models. The number of models produced by Ford increased for 1969, with the two new models being the "Cobra" 2-door SportsRoof and 2-door hardtop. The engine line-up was slightly revised for 1969. Optional engines included the 302 cu in (standard on GTs), the new for 1969 351 cu in Windsor, 390 cu in and the 428 cu in Cobra Jet (standard on Cobras). The 428 CJ was available with or without the Ram Air Induction package, however, those with Ram Air still carried the same advertised power rating. The 428-4V Super Cobra Jet (SCJ) was specifically designed for drag racing, and it was included with the "Drag Pack" option package. The Cobra was Ford's attempt at making a muscle car package that focused on performance features. As a result, the Cobra came standard with a 428-4V CJ, competition suspension, 4-speed manual transmission and F70-14 tires. The Cobra had a blacked out grille, hood lock pins, and "Cobra" emblems. A hood scoop was standard on Ram Air equipped Cobras, while a non-functional scoop was optional on other Cobras. Early Cobras had a large "Cobra" decal on the front fenders, but this was later replaced with a metal emblem. The Cobra was Ford's response to the successful Plymouth Road Runner. For this reason, the Cobra had the lesser trim level. Road Test magazine wrote the "big engine and whopping torque get the Cobra Jet off the line with smoking tires" in their test. They obtained a 15.07 seconds at 95.74 mph (154.08 km/h) quarter-mile run, however, according to the article, the elapsed time was likely hampered due to the car not being equipped with a tachometer. The Torino GT was relatively unchanged from 1968. The grille received minor updates, including revised divider bars and the GT emblem moved to the lower left corner of the grille. The 'C' stripe was revised, and now ran in straight lines, rather than following the body line like in 1968. All 1969 Torino GT's came equipped a non-functional fibreglass hood scoop that had turn signal indicators at the rear of the scoop. This scoop was functional if the 428-4V and Ram Air induction options were specified. The hood scoop could also be deleted from the GT for a credit. Although the Torino GT could be optioned to include all of the Cobra's performance features, the GT was a more upscale vehicle which had the more deluxe Torino trim. Torino GTs were the majority of Torinos produced, accounting for 81,822 units produced.

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