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1970 Dodge Challenger SE Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Dodge Challenger 1970” The Challenger SE, Special Edition, was released the same year of the general release. The Special Edition was a luxury package that include a smaller “formal” version of the rear window. The model had a plastic filler panel bolted around the rear window frame and a smaller window fitted. The join was hidden under a vinyl top. Most of the fancy trim pieces (Moulding group A) that were optional on the other cars came as standard on the SE. A "SE" medallions was applied on the pillars. Optional on Special Edition was an overhead console with low-fuel, door-ajar, and seat-belt lights. Seats could be manually tilted and moved fore and aft, or up and down; they were counterbalanced with springs to make movement easier. A stereo tape player, cruise control, rear defogger, power windows, headlight delay, and other luxury items as leather and vinyl bucket seats, cruise control, cassette player, super comfortable interior, etc. The base or R/T model could be ordered with the SE luxury package.

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