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1971 Dodge Challenger Stripes Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Dodge Challenger 1970” A mild restyle was seen in 1971 as the Challenger got a new split grille and restyled back-up lamps. Dodge discontinued the T/A package and the R/T was no longer offered in convertible form. Government safety and emission regulations, and increasing insurance premiums meant the horsepower rating and size for all manufacturers was on the decline. To comply with the new requirements, many of the engines were detuned. This was true for Dodge as well. There were now eight engines offered, starting with the Slant Six, up to the unchanged 426 Hemi V8. The 383 cubic-inch engine was now producing 300 horsepower, a loss of 30 horsepower over the prior year. The 440 Six Pack was detuned by five horsepower. The base 440 was no longer offered. The good new was that the Hemi was still available and kept its 425 horsepower rating. Sales for 1971 were devastating with a total of 29,883 Challengers produced. A sharp decline in interest for the vehicle in only its second years sent the dealers trying to unload their inventory. Fifty vehicles were offered as 'official pace cars' for the Indianapolis 500 race. These specialty series were painted in Hemi orange and had white interiors. All were convertibles and but no replicas were made for the public.

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