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1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye Stripes Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“A100” The list of stuff that was no longer available in 1972 gets very long. First of all the convertible model was dropped and the R/T was renamed the Rallye. Rallye came with the performance hood and dummy air extractors that were bolted on the front fenders. From the side, this is the first thing you’ll notice on the ’72 Challenger - at least on the Rallye version - are these four side scoops. Four fading stripes sprout from the scoops and they extend as far back as the end of the doors. This was supposed to be a sporty-looking add-on that made some sense given the graphics used back in the ’70s. The shaker hood was no longer available, and also dropped was the formal roof option and coloured bumpers. The chrome bumpers were carried over from the late '71 model. The Rallye Package included Rallye hood, Heavy-duty radiator, Sport steering wheel, HURST-PISTOL GRIP and laser stripes! Wow, that’s a real fancy car!

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