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Ford Europe Capri MKII Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Ford On 25 February 1974, the Capri MKII was introduced. After 1.2 million cars sold, Ford chose to make the new car more suited to everyday driving with a shorter bonnet, larger cabin and the adoption of a hatchback rear door. This made it the first Ford to feature a hatchback - at a time when the hatchback was becoming increasingly popular in Europe after first being patented by Renault in the mid 1960s. Sales of the Capri continued in Japan as it remained compliant with Japanese government dimension regulations, but sales were not as successful as the previous generation.In October 1976, the only UK plant producing Capris, Ford's Halewood plant stopped production, and all production of the Capri was moved to the Cologne and Saarlouis factories in Germany, and the Genk factory in Belgium. 1977 was the last year that Capris were made for the US market, that year the Capri left the American market, with 513.500 units sold.

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