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Renault 4L R4 Rallye Paris - Dakar Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Renault Renault 4L Sinpar / Marreau 1979 - 1980 . A Renault 4 Sinpar (the four-wheel drive version) was entered in the famous Paris-Dakar Rally in 1979 and 1980 by the brothers Bernard and Claude Marreau. The little Renault did actually very well and finished at an incredible fifth place in 1979 and in an even more incredible third place in 1980 celebrating the African rally-raid on the podium. Renault 4 continued to feature in many long distance rallies after production ceased, such as in 2001 in the London-Sahara-London rally and the 2008 Mongol Rally. The Renault 4 forms the basis of the 4L Trophy, an annual rally established in 1997 for students who collect sponsorship and drive to the Sahara to deliver educational materials to children of the desert and of Morocco. .

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