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Jeep & Jeep Willys Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“JEEP This is a Legend, a living Legend! The small four-wheel drive utility vehicle is by itself the icon of World War II. By now the war was under way in Europe, so the Army's need to replace its existing and aging fleet was urgent. The U.S. Army asked American automobile manufacturers to design “A general purpose, personnel, or cargo carrier especially adaptable for reconnaissance or command, and designated as 1/4-ton 4x4 Truck." Manufacturers were given 49 days to submit their first prototype and 75 days for completion of 70 test vehicles. The Army's Ordnance Technical Committee specifications were equally demanding: the vehicle would be 4X4, have a crew of three on a wheelbase of no more than 75 in and tracks no more than 47 inches, feature a fold-down windshield, 660 pounds payload and be powered by an engine capable of 85 lb·ft of torque. The most daunting demand, however, was an empty weight of no more than 1,300 lb (590 kg). There is so much to say about the Jeep, so much History and so many stories. My own story is that during WWII, my Dad, who was about 13 years old, went for a ride in a Jeep with a "GI". He was so happy that he kept his smile for more than 70 years, and beared the Legend all his life.

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