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Porsche Collection of Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Porsche” Ferdinand Porsche founded the company called "Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH" in 1931. He is best known for creating the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, the Lohner-Porsche, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK. After WWII, Ferdinand encounter some problems with the Allied Forces, and his son, Ferry, took over and started building the first models of what was to become the 356. Porsche also enjoyed success with his racing cars which excelled at the race tracks, the 550. At the demand of Porsche's fans, the company began planning a successor to the 356. The project was originally called Porsche 901. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and Ferdinand Porsche's nephew took charge on designing the new model. The first units were manufactured in 1962 and soon after was renamed Porsche 911. Over time, it has evolved, but still kept the general shape and architecture since the beginning with a rear mounted high performance engine, enough to create a Legend.

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