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1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Oldsmobile”The 4-4-2 package gets its name from the fact that the car’s engine had a 4-barrel carb, the transmission was a 4-speed manual, and it had dual exhaust. The package took the largest engine Oldsmobile offered and added the Police Apprehender Pursuit Package. This equipment included a dual-snorkel air cleaner and a premium quality rod as well as main bearings. These tweaks brought the engine from its normal 290 horsepower up to 310. In addition to the more powerful engine, the package also added a heavy-duty suspension that included front and rear anti-roll bars. The package also came with special “tiger paw” tires. The package was available on any mid-sized Oldsmobiles that weren’t station wagons, which meant it could be added to the less expensive F-85 models as well as the higher end Cutlass. This also meant that there were four-door Oldsmobiles with the 4-4-2 package, producing rare four-door muscle cars. While performance was obviously the goal with the package that aimed to take advantage of American driver’s growing interest in fast production cars, the 4-4-2 package also was designed to balance that speed with great drivability.

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