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1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 Convertible Reserved Parking Fridge Magnet

Product Code: 1969_OLDS_CUTL_442_CV_PK_MAG

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 Convertible Aluminum Parking Fridge Magnet

Oldsmobile increased the 4-4-2 numerals to nearly double the previous size, and added a division tooth between the grilles, and trunk lid inlets for the tail lights. Headrests were standard on the front seats and there was a new steering lock ignition switch on the steering column. Optional twin hood stripes were offered to further personify the sporty intentions of the potent engine lurking under hood. The special 'W-30' package was based on a special 'Force-Air' inducted 360 horsepower version of the 400 CID V8. Body styles on the 1969 Olds 4-4-2 included a sports coupe priced at $3,140, a Holiday Hardtop at $3,200 and a convertible at $3,395. The Holiday Hardtop was the most popular with 19,587 examples built, followed by 4,295 of the convertible and 2,475 of the sports coupe.

Make room on the fridge and show your passion for your 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 Convertible. It deserves a reserved "parking spot" in the middle of the other magnets. The magnet is 2” x 3” (77 x 51 mm) and is quality made of .045” American Aluminum that will not fade or break. It has rounded corners and a 1 inch square magnet in the back. Stick it to anything you'll like, on your fridge, workbench, toolbox, or man cave board. The colors are brights, vibrant and contrast beautifully. For any car guy, this is the ideal gift to add style and show their pride, even in the middle of the kitchen.

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Available in: One color style only
- Made of 0.045” (1.14 mm) Durable Aluminum Material
- Size 3" x 2" (76.2 mm x 50.8 mm)
- Water-resistant & easy to clean
- 1” backer magnet for adhesion
The image is permanently infused into the aluminum that will not crack, fade, chip, or peel (we do not use stickers or decals).
- Made in USA

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