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1970 Dodge Coronet Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Coronet” The 1970 Dodge Coronet is attractive to some Mopar devotees because of its value as a conversation piece–since its introduction in late 1969, the car’s aggressively styled front end has polarized enthusiasts. To stir up a little excitement around its mid-size car offering, Dodge tossed the conventional front-end treatment of the 1968 and 1969 Coronet, with its full-width grille and massive chrome front bumper, in favor of a split grille, ensconced in a pair of twin chrome loops that tapered toward the center. These glowering grille moldings not only served as a fashion statement, but they acted as the car’s front bumpers, as well. The design was more subtly echoed in the rear, with three taillamps on each side set in a pair of oblong dishes above a standard full-width bumper.

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