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1970 Plymouth Duster Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Plymouth A new, sleekly-styled, semi-fastback two-door coupe called the Valiant Duster was added in 1970 to the entry level Valiant compact passenger car line. It could be purchased in the later part of September 1969. For those seeking a performance option, Plymouth offered a potent V-8 option: The Duster 340. The design incorporated a semi-fastback roof and a special rear valance with twin horizontal taillights, unusual for having no bezels. During its first year, Plymouth sold 217,192 Duster cars. 24,817 were outfitted with the 340 cubic-inch engine. At a base price of $2,172 the Duster was a phenomenal purchase. The 340 produced 275 hp. and could race from zero-to-sixty in the low 6's with the quarter mile time of around 14.7. The interior could be outfitted with bench or bucket seats. The instrumentation was complete and an optional tachometer was available as optional equipment.

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