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Ford Torino 1st Generation 1968 - 1969 Apparel and Accessories by Legend Lines

“Ford” Ford first introduced the Torino name for the 1968 model year as a premium trim level offered on the Ford Fairlane. The first generation Torino was available in hardtop, fastback, convertible, and station wagon body styles, and was sold in a range of trim levels, including the notable Torino GT, Cobra, and Talladega performance variants. While a inline six unit was the standard engine, a selection of small and big block V8 powerplants were optional. The car was so well received by automotive journalists and consumers, it wound up replacing the Fairlane nameplate altogether for all trim, powerplant, options, and accessories levels after the 1970 model year. The car is named after the city of Turin (Torino in Italian). Where famous automakers Alfa Romeo and Fiat are located, Turin is known as "the Italian Detroit". Thanks to a wide array of V8 engines on offer, ranging from the small block 302 all the way to the big block 390 and the 428 Cobra Jet, it certainly didn’t lack any power. With all of the standard equipment, it came it didn’t lack any comfort either. The Torino GT. It was an upscale model of the Torino. For 1968 it offered a standard decal stripe, differently styled wheels, wide oval sports tires and the mandatory standard V8 under the hood. You had the option of a four-speed floor shift on one of those. The first generation was built until 1969, and was replaced by the Second Generation Ford Torino.

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