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1967 - 1974 Plymouth GTX Road Runner Air Grabber Round Aluminum Sign


Vintage 1967 - 1974 Plymouth GTX / Road Runner Air Grabber Design Emblem Novelty Round Sign

In 1969, an Air Grabber option (N96 code) was introduced; it consisted of a fiberglass air duct assembly bolted to the underside of the hood that connected to twin rectangular upward-facing vents in the hood with orange vent screens. The fiberglass hood box had an "Air Grabber" sticker on the front. When the hood was closed, a rubber seal fitted over the large-oval unsilenced air cleaner. The vents in the hood could be opened and closed via a lever under the dashboard labeled "Carb Air." Later years, the design and functionality of the Air Grabber option was changed. A switch below the dash actuated a vacuum servo to slowly raise the forward-facing scoop, exposing shark-like teeth on either side.

Perfect for all car enthusiasts that want to show their passion for their 1967 - 1974 Plymouth GTX / Road Runner Air Grabber Design, this Novelty Round Sign looks great on a wall at home, garage, office, workshop, Man cave, private roadways or anywhere you feel you deserve a special decoration spot. The colors are brights and contrast beautifully with the vintage 1967 - 1974 Plymouth GTX / Road Runner Air Grabber Design emblem. For any car guy, this is the ideal gift to add style and show their pride.

Available in: One multicolors style only

Made of .042 Aluminum
11 3/4" (30 cm) diameter
1 hole for easy mounting
UV protected for outdoor use and durability
Made in USA

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