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Oldsmobile H/O 455 Emblem 1969 Smartphone Case - Emblem


1969 Oldsmobile H/O 455 Emblem Cell Phone Case for Smartphone

Hurst is a name forever linked to the golden age of muscle cars. George Hurst's company became most famous for their shifters which were quickly adopted as the coolest gear selectors on the street and strip. Hurst worked closely with a number of automakers, but its most long-lasting relationship was with Oldsmobile. In fact, Hurst Performance didn't just manufacture parts for Olds, it also ended up producing an entire series of special models that carried its name. The Hurst/Olds stayed on the scene from the glory days of the muscle machine era all the way to the early '80s, and in doing so helped establish a legend that still carries weight with enthusiasts today. The very first Hurst/Olds appeared in 1968, and it was based on Oldsmobile's most popular high performance option, the 442. Hurst made an offer to Oldsmobile, and by 1968 the ink was dry and the Hurst/Olds was born from the bones of the all-new 442-based Cutlass coupe. Demand soon outstripped supply, and while just over 500 Hurst/Olds models were built for 1968, dealers easily had orders for four times as many from curious customers. This guaranteed a follow-up for the 1969 model year, one that simplified engine offerings down to a single 455. The 1969 Hurst/Olds opened up some breathing room between it and the 442, which continue to offer the W-30 package. The Hurst/Olds also gained enormous nostrils on the hood to go with its white-and-gold paint scheme. By the time the Hurst/Olds made it back into the line-up in 1972, muscle car madness was on its death bed. The revived 1972 Hurst/Olds took the form of the pace car for that year's Indianapolis 500, a vehicle that was sold as a replica to the public. The car was delivered in a gold-and-white livery with Indy 500 pace car call-outs on the doors. It was a preview of things to come for the Hurst/Olds, which moved more firmly into the luxury cruiser category. A mechanically-identical version of the car followed for '73 (wrapped in the redesigned Cutlass body), while in 1974 the Hurst/Olds was down-sized under the hood unless buyers ticked the box for the 455 at ordering time. By 1975, the Hurst/Olds was prioritizing 'Hurst/Hatch' T-tops and graphics over anything resembling straight-line speed, although a cat-choked 455 remained on the options sheet. There were two remaining Hurst/Olds models that emerged before the two companies parted ways for good. The 1979 the Hurst/Olds revived its T-tops as an appearance package for the 350-equipped Oldsmobile Cutlass, leaning heavily on its gold paint heritage. Rated at 160 hp, it was the mightiest Oldsmobile on offer. 1983 cars were sold in black with silver accents and red striping, while in 1984 silver was the dominant color with black accents. Despite not offering quite the same level of performance as the Ford Mustang GT of the same era, sales were strong, with more than 3,000 Hurst/Olds sold each year, but bickering over the price of licensing the Hurst name caused Oldsmobile to remove the badge in 1985 and simply adopt 442 branding in its place. It was the official end of a decade and a half of history between two giants of automotive performance. Hurst's aftermarket business continues to this day, but Oldsmobile was already on its way out of the go-fast game. Today, the Hurst/Olds cars serve as an intriguing alternative to better-known muscle car options, combining both speed and scarcity to entice collectors.

Perfect for all car enthusiasts, this smartphone case shows the magnificent 1969 Oldsmobile H/O 455 Emblem on a colorful background with racing stripes.
The harmonious, accurate, and elegant illustration reveals the beauty of the emblem / badge of one of the most influential American classic car of the 20th century.
Refine and stylish, the 1969 Oldsmobile H/O 455 Emblem is the perfect way to show your passion any time you’ll use your smartphone. The Cell Phone Cases are available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

Available in:
White only
Apple iPhone 4 • 4s • 5 • 5s • 5SE • 6 • 6s • 6 Plus • 6s Plus • 7 • 7 Plus • 8 • SE • 8 Plus • X • XS • XS Max • XR • 11 • 11 Pro • 11 Pro Max • 12 Mini • 12 • 12 Pro • 12 Pro Max • 13 Mini • 13 • 13 Pro • 13 Pro Max • 13 Mini • 14 • 14 Plus • 14 Pro • 14 Pro Max • 15 • 15 Plus • 15 Pro • 15 Pro Max
Samsung Galaxy S4 • S5 • S6 • S7 • S8 • S8+ • S9 • S9+ • S10 • S10e • S10+ • S20 • S20+ • S20 Ultra • S20 Lite • S20 FE • S21 • S21+ • S21 Ultra • S21 FE • S22 • S22+ • S22 Ultra • S23 • S23+ • S23 Ultra

The cover / case is made of Hard Plastic (Flexible Rubber for iPhone 13 and 14 models and Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 models) and a Printed Aluminum Insert.
The image is permanently infused into the aluminum that will not crack, fade, chip, or peel (we do not use stickers or decals).
Easy access to all buttons and features of your phone, plug your charger cable, and headset without removing the case. (inductive charging is not supported)
The Smartphone is not included. You will receive 1 (one) Smartphone case / cover / skin only.
This Smartphone Case is brand new with tag. It is in stock, packed in a bubble bag, and ready to ship.
This product is designed, printed & packed in the USA.

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